Born in Scotland and raised in Lebanon, Glenbey is proud of its Lebanese roots, carrying the stories of both nations in every bottle.
It is a joint collaboration project between Domaine des Tourelles and Ets. Antoine Massoud, two Lebanese companies who brought their long years of experience and a common innovative vision to create this unique product.
A qualitative Scottish whisky with a Lebanese signature, Glenbey is made in Scotland then refined and bottled in Lebanon at Domaine des Tourelles. The product has already scored an unprecedented success in the Lebanese market, ranking on top of the whisky sales in just three months after having been launched in 2021. Glenbey is already looking for new challenges by getting ready to be exported to the international market.
Glenbey is the story of Phoenicians who legend says ventured where no sailor had ever dared to travel before and discovered an island full of ivory cliffs, green hills and woods; they described Scotland. The Phoenicians would then trade with the Scots only to bring back the most selective ingredients. The Phoenician ship with the Lebanese flag raised up high is the emblem and an integral part of the identity of Glenbey inspired by this very story.
A 3 YO grain and malt blended Scotch Whisky with high grade ingredients and aged in sherry wood, Glenbey is a combination of Scottish knowhow and Lebanese production. Tasting Notes: A glittering composition of delight explodes on the palate as enthralling flavours of candied oranges, apricots, fig syrup and buttered hot gingerbread engulfs your taste buds. This complex cluster of enticing flavours has been tempered and tamed by a variety of outstanding wood styles which has culminated in this panoply of pleasure.
A legacy 12 years in the making, 12YO perfectly melds the rich craftsmanship of Scotland with the authentic spirit of Lebanon in a crescendo of enticing flavors that builds up and crashes on your palate with wave after wave of velvety opulence. Tasting Notes: Dignified, complex and matured for 12 years, this blend exudes delicate notes of Oloroso sherry, warm highlights of Manuka honey and caramel, and seductive tones that reminisce toasted vanilla and freshly baked bread.
From the cradle of whisky to the cradle of the alphabet comes to you a craft that is centuries in the making. Radiating in its golden hue, this noble blend of round aromas and rich aftertaste perfectly harmonizes the melodies Scotland and Byblos, creating a song of breathtaking sunsets and ivory coasts. Tasting Notes: Our 3-year-old whisky boasts an intensely rich yet balanced nose which complements its robust palate. Byblos is a noble blend with a smooth luxurious mouthfeel and a refined aftertaste.