This is November 2023. One more time, alas, our country and region endure very hard times. An escalating war is raging all around us but so is our unbreakable battle for life. In this fall edition of our newsletter we bring you the most memorable moments from a remarkable summer season and the latest news of what looks to be a very challenging fall 2023. Join us on this brief journey and experience the essence of Lebanon through the perspective of our team, who persistently provides the finest products despite the most adverse of conditions!

“I believe that every harvest season represents a new journey, a new challenge that, as a team, we look forward to with full excitement and readiness… with mixed emotions of passion, adrenaline rush, happiness and many ups and downs! The rewarding result is the birth of a new vintage with its unique character and plenty of stories… Overall, the 2023 weather was warm and slightly dry which gave us healthy and high-quality grapes. Knowing the particularities of each plot in the vineyards allowed us to accurately identify the right harvest time, while always preserving the freshness and character and avoiding over ripening. This year’s wines show so far great purity and transparency with varietal expression and dimensional balance along with vibrant acidity and an enormous complexity of aromas. I am proud to have given extra attention to Domaine des Tourelles Rosé wine for 2023, creating a naturally crisp blend that celebrates freshness, minerality, and a solid acidity. With less maceration and a pre-ripening harvest, the result is a beautiful light-colored rosé wine. Fasten your seatbelt to enjoy an exquisite 2023 vintage!” Faouzi Issa /Winemaker, Managing Director

We were the first producers to age arak for long years in clay jars. You probably know our Special Reserve 5 YO but let us introduce you to the latest newcomer: Arak Brun 10 YO. This unique arak underwent an extraordinary 10-year aging journey in our old traditional clay jars. Arak Brun 10 YO is a unique bottle from the land of the Cedars that will delight your palate with its exceptional smoothness and delightful roundness! It is exclusively available now at Beirut airport duty free shop as well as at Domaine des Tourelles’ and The Malt Gallery’s boutiques in Lebanon.

Summer season is always special, even more when you celebrate your 155th anniversary! This summer, Domaine des Tourelles introduced two new bottle designs for its classic white and rosé wines marking its special celebration. The concept, created by our talented Art Director, Johanne Issa Atallah, brought a real painting effect on all the display shelves with the bottles’ infinite colorful waves making every client feel the vibes of summertime whether on the beach or in the mountains…

We have welcomed recently our newest wine bottle: SKIN. This is our skin-contact wine obtained from white grapes. How? During their fermentation, their skin is kept providing thus more tannins, acidity, structure, and a deeper color. SKIN wine is from 150-year-old wild Merweh grapes macerated in old clay jars, a very unique process we’re proud of. Unfiltered and unfined, with minimal added sulfites, it has a fresh citric nose with fine honey notes while apricots and baked apples are remarkable on the palate, underpinned by a nice salinity which is the minerality signature of the Merweh. In Lebanon, it is exclusively available at Domaine des Tourelles’ boutiques but it has already traveled the world with great success from Japan to London and New York!

“An excellent example of how expressive, even refined, Cinsault can be in Lebanon.” We’re happy to share with you this fresh article just published in Decanter magazine by author Rupert Joy. After an onsite tour leading him around different Lebanese wineries, here are his impressions and ratings on a selection of wines where our Vieilles Vignes Cinsault scored his highest grade among the reds: 94 points!

“The impressive wines of Domaine des Tourelles”! With these gratifying terms describing our wines, the renowned British wine columnist Jamie Goode has honored Faouzi Issa after having shared a special winemaker dinner with him last February in London. This remarkably written review rewarded Domaine des Tourelles with exceptional high scores, making us, once again, proudly raise the name of Lebanon to the world!
From the Bekaa Valley to the world, we’re always excited to present our bottles to new clients across our export markets. Our international tasting tour has recently included Paris and Brussels and we’re looking forward to heading up soon to the Far East, so stay tuned for the upcoming news.

GINBEY ROSÉ SERVING SIZE: 1 person INGREDIENTS - 50ml GinBey gin - 30ml Monin rose syrup - 150ml sparkling water - Lemon zest for garnish DIRECTIONS Pour the gin and the syrup in the serving glass and stir to dissolve the syrup. Add the sparkling water and stir again until all the mix is blended. Fill with crushed ice, add a squeeze of lemon, garnish with its zest, and enjoy!

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