The first wine company in Lebanon since 1868.
The Founder
François-Eugène Brun, who came from France, fell in love with this area of the Bekaa Valley where he set up the first winery in Lebanon in 1868.
Our Story
Recruited at first by a French company in charge of the works for the Beirut-Damascus road, François-Eugène Brun succeeded in making his dream come true by producing wine and Arak. This is when Domaine des Tourelles was born. After François-Eugène, there were Louis Brun, then Pierre Brun. Three generations of wine lovers, of Bekaa lovers and Lebanon lovers. 150 years of passion for the wine and the land.
The Winery
Today more than 150 years since it was established, Domaine des Tourelles is run by the next generation of the Issa & Issa el Khoury families – making it the country’s youngest winemaking team running the country’s oldest winery. Get to know the young team better here...
The Family
Elie Issa
Elie F. Issa, co-owner of Domaine des Tourelles and the man behind Arak Brun Special Reserve concept. A lifetime friend to the Brun family, he overcame many challenges throughout the years to achieve the successful transition from the founders to today’s thriving Property.
Nayla Kanaan Issa-el-Khoury
Nayla Kanaan Issa-el-Khoury, co-owner of Domaine des Tourelles and a relative of the Brun family. She spent much of her childhood vacations in the Property where she made lifetime memories. When she and Elie Issa bought the Estate in the year 2000, she became one of the first Lebanese women to be involved in the wine business. Her background in law played a primary role in the long and challenging journey of the Estate before passing on the responsibilities to the new generation.
Faouzi Issa
Faouzi Issa, Managing Director and winemaker, studied Agricultural Engineering at the American University of Beirut. He then went on to study winemaking in France at Supagro de Montpellier, after which he spent time working at two of France’s best known properties - Domaine Renée Rostaing in the Côte Rôtie, and Château Margaux in Bordeaux. Faouzi returned home to Lebanon in 2008 and took up the reins at Domaine des Tourelles where his wines have gone on to gain international recognition, winning awards and being exported to over 20 countries.
Emile Issa-el-Khoury
Emile, managing partner at Domaine des Tourelles. Always keen on getting in touch with clients, his working tool is an online phone and an active laptop. From business to marketing and PR, Emile is a real ambassador of the winery on all fronts. Also a good multilingual writer, he’s behind Domaine des Tourelles’ narrative stories and captivating words.
Christiane Issa Nahas
Christiane, the joyful face of Domaine des Tourelles. She’s the administrative manager of the winery besides which she spends much time welcoming the visitors onsite and sharing with them her passion for the Property’s wines, arak... and liqueurs. One day back in the early years of 2000, Christiane had an outstanding idea of serving the winery’s homemade liqueurs in small dark and white chocolate shots. This ritual became a real attraction by itself to the visitors and soon the chocolate shots were adopted by thousands of clients and even pastry stores!
Johanne Issa
Johanne, creative director of Domaine des Tourelles. Her artistic touch brings beautiful life to all the products and even to the Property where she spends her off-computer time drawing, fixing set-ups and redecorating vintage spaces.

A Love Story Since 1868